"I LOVE Moonbow pads. They are my favorite pads. They're washable, machine dryable, they are comfy to wear, and they don't leak. LOVE them. Worth every single penny."
- from the Diaper Pin
"best customer service around... The pads are flawless and look great, but most of all they are incredibly trim, yet surprisingly absorbant for their size. Very comfortable and they stay put with no problems at all."
- Cloth Pad Review Forum
"Fussybutt Moonbow pads are my favorite pads. I have tried several mama pads are the Fussybutt Moonbow pads are the only ones that I forget I'm wearing. These are the only pads my teen will use. Thank you Fussybutt!"
- Cloth Pad Review Forum
"When I used these for the first time it was a WOW moment. I couldn't believe how soft they were. Love the breathability of the wool. No sweaty, uncomfortable feeling at all. Didn't even feel the pad on. One of the large lasted on a heavy night with no leaks. It used to take 3-4 disposables all wadded together for overnight and I'd still have leaks."
- from the Diaper Pin
"How I love my fussy lady/moonbow petite pads! Christy's funny and friendly to work with too, and you can see why her diapers are in such high demand because she's such an incredible sewer. I have 3 and wish I had them all. They may seem expensive up front but as they last so long they are completely worth the price."
- Cloth Pad Review Forum
" when have i ever been so excited for my moon cycle to begin so that i can try these beauties out? i love the fact that i have a rainbow in my drawers :) these are well-made and cushy, and those paper pads are already starting to seem like an unpleasant memory!"
- Etsy Buyer Feedback



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If you're new to cloth menstrual pads this is a great way to start building up your stash. Be sure to check out our 100% positive etsy feedback!

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